September 30, 2013


Leather Jacket: c/o Choies// Jumper: c/o Chicnova// Necklace: DIY// Jeans: Topshop// Watch: Nixon// Shoes: New Look

I will admit..I never thought this beautiful red colour would suit my skin tone,who's perfect.
I always opt for fail safe black leather when it comes to jackets so when I saw this bad boy on Choies I thought why not try something a little different,After all it is a 'go to Autumn colour'.
The quality is so bloody nice. I can safely say I will be living in this jacket this A/W

Much Love

September 26, 2013


So as we all know,Tartan is going to be huge again this A/W so I picked out my new favourite shirt from Glamorous and have shown 4 ways of how I style it.
Vest dress:Urban outfitters//Necklace:c/o Claire's Accessories//Watch:Nixon//sunglasses:c/o Wasteland//Boots:Topshop
Necklace:c/o Chicnova//Belt:c/o Romwe//Crop Top:H&M//Boots:Topshop
Jeans: River Island//Necklace:Forever 21// Creepers: New Look
Beanie:Primark//Crop Top:H&M//Egg Clutch:c/o Frontrowshop//Jeans:Topshop/Loafers:Ebay

Which is you favourite look? do you have any more ways to wear a shirt?

Much Love

September 20, 2013


Make up bag: Liberty London

This is not a sponsored or paid blog post,I just needed to share with you this beautiful make up  bag from Liberty.
 I wish I could say it belonged to me but unfortunately it doesn't,it belongs to my brothers girlfriend and I am very jealous!
It's not very often I review something on my blog or include beauty/make up but this was an exception as i'm on the hunt for a new large cosmetics bag.
It is made from a flexible oil cloth which is great as you can wipe it clean,it is very spacious inside so as well as keeping your make up in you can also fit in toiletries which is a massive bonus(There is nothing worse than having loads of little bags in your suitcase for different things).
I'm thinking one of these little beauties might have to go on my Christmas list

oh and lastly,how gorgeous is the print?

Much Love


September 18, 2013


Headband: c/o Claire's Accessories
Lipstick: MAC 'Up The Amp'
Jumper: c/o Romwe
Jeans: River Island
Boots: H&M

I feel like I should paint my face in Lichtenstein dots and be featured on a comic strip in this outfit...I've always wanted to be a super heroine.
I've hardly taken this bow headband off after receiving it at the Claire's event,It's quite obnoxious (especially with my baldness) but I'm very attached to it and definitely does the job of drawing attention to an outfit.

You can view this outfit in video form over on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL

Much Love

September 14, 2013


Necklace: c/o Lookbookstore
Tshirt: c/o Lookbookstore
Leather Joggers: c/o Missguided
Loafers: Ebay
Watch: Nixon

I have been looking for decent ID necklace for yonks.I've spent hours on ebay,mooching through every high street shop,and scouring the Chinese wholesale websites but nothing has quite compared to the ever so beautiful Celine one...until I found this baby on Lookbookstore.
It's the closest I've come to the chunkiness and flat links of the original,although it has more of a shine to it,I still think its the best one yet!

What better way to pair it than with a monochrome,masculine outfit.
I know I look like a boy already but can never refuse a good trouser/loafer combo!

Much Love


September 11, 2013


Untitled #41


I think its safe to say Autumn has arrived early,the nights are drawing in and the evenings are getting super chilly.Over the next few weeks I will be doing a series of sets showing my favourite high street shops' A/W collections.Today is H&M.
H&M is always my first point of call for basics and transitional pieces.I love the quality of their clothing and accessories,They just always seem to get the trends bang on.
I adore this Sheepskin coat although it's very doubtful I will actually get my hands on it as its bound to fly off the shelves,Also the fact that I don't have £70 to hand,but one can wish right?

I will definitely be purchasing the cat ear beanie as you all know i'm a massive grey fiend!

which is your favourite item?

Much Love


September 05, 2013



Yesterday evening I hopped on the train and made my way to Birmingham for the Claire's Accessories Blogger event.
I was lucky enough to be invited by the lovely team at claire's to view the delightful pieces that they currently have in store.
I'm such a sucker for gold,so when I walked in and saw it all strewn across the tables my eyes lit up.
The Lion head pieces and spiked chains are perfect.I feel that Claire's as a shop has really grown up over the years whilst still catering for a young audience they still manage to hit the nail on the head with the latest trends.
The canopes were delicious, as was the champagne(which I couldn't make the most of as I had to drive) but all in all it was a really nice and friendly atmosphere.
as for the goody bag...My mind was blown,so generous and I want to say a massive thank you to the girls at Claire's

Much Love