May 29, 2014


I'm not usually one to try loads of different make up,i'm more of a fashion girl but when the opportunity arose to try out the #flashmobcosmetics by Markwins I couldn't resist as the colours are epic.


I was especially drawn towards the neon lipsticks,they are a bit scary but a part of me is dying to wear them,I think the Lilac and Baby pink are easy to pull off and very wearable but the yellow and blue are a definite head turner and only for the very brave!
You can purchase Flashmob products HERE

I can't wait to experiment with these products,they also do hair chalks which I might treat myself to if I end up going to any festivals this year.

Whats your favourite item?

Much Love


  1. That Pink nail polish is sickening! It will look great with your skin tone! x

  2. loving the lipsticks! I think the lilac and the baby pink one would go well together, maybe as an ombré-kinda look or smth along the lines haha xx

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