October 07, 2014


I was recently contacted by a brand called Madam glam asking if I'd like to review their nail polishes,as i'm a nail polish fiend I jumped at the chance to try out some new colours for my talons.
(how lovely is the packaging)
I had never heard of this brand before and wasn't sure what they would be like however I am super impressed by the quality and quantity you get out of these bottles.The coverage is brilliant and the product glides onto your nails seamlessly.
I'm always using my hands,be it typing,cooking,washing up or cleaning and find it hard to get a nail varnish that stays put when doing these tasks,I got a weeks wear out of these polishes before any chipping occurred,so a big thumbs up from me.
Mango passion is my current favourite,its adds a lovely pop of orange to your hands and can work throughout any season.
I think its fair to say I will be getting a lot of wear out of these polishes...but the question is...which one shall I crack open next?

Much Love


  1. Oh wow that orange is gorgeous
    S xx

  2. Loving Mango Passion too! I always find it hard to get nail polishes that don't chip instantly so this is a big plus!
    Raffles Bizarre Blog

  3. Gorgeous photos, xx


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