May 30, 2015



It's been so hectic lately with the new job,trying to catch up on outstanding blog posts and dealing with life in general that I haven't found time to take photos of my daily outfits,However,I finally got round to it.

I've been living in this get-up recently,I wanted something comfy and Casj to wear one day last week and pulled this Blue ensemble out of the wardrobe,its ticks all the boxes for British Summer time,I daren't show too much skin incase the heavens open so sticking to a heavy denim and teaming it with a lighter fabric is a perfect option,furthermore the gold sandals add some much needed pizazz to an otherwise boy-like outfit.

What is your go-to 'in between weather' outfit?

Much Love

May 26, 2015


fame tan for all my eternity peony
FAME self tan gradualfake tan tipsFame natural 10 tanTanning mitt
I'm not a huge fake tan enthusiast,1. because i'm lazy and 2.I'm lucky enough to have an olive tone to my skin so I never really bother but this one intrigued me,mainly because it is packed full of natural ingredients and that it is a lotion and not a horrible dark foam that turns you instantly streaky and looking like you have just walked off the set of 'The only way is Essex'.
I have only used this once and the results are lovely,its easy to apply,it dries in minutes and left my legs streak free also it doesn't smell horrible like the majority of tans do.
legs thigh tattoo rose tattoo(Excuse the bruises,constantly walking into things haha)

Overall I'm really happy with this tan it ticks all the boxes and it's build-able too so for when i'm feeling super pale or have an event to go to I will be slapping this on.You can buy this and a range of other 'For all My Eternity' Tan products HERE

Have you tired any good gradual tans recently?

Much Love

May 25, 2015


hand tattoo dauphinois v slicerdauphinois potatoes fried chorizodauphinois potatoes samphire shrimp sauce pan fried sea bass chorizo dauphinois potatoespan fried sea bass chorizo dauphinois potatoes
We are like a couple of old fogies when it comes to fish,we have it at least once a week or sometimes even two,often,people see fish as expensive to buy,hard to cook and generally question what to put with it,my answer for those is...just give it a go and practice!
I used to be a steak fanatic and I still am but since experimenting with new fish dishes i'm converted and actually find a fish dish much lighter and overall more tasty than a big lump of cow.

This weekend we chucked together this dish which consisted of Pan fried Sea Bass (One of my fave fishes) on a bed of Samphire & Shrimp accompanied by Dauphinois Potatoes and chorizo.It was divine and so simple to make.Just remember.. FISH TAKES MINUTES TO COOK,DONT OVERCOOK IT!!!

Have you tried any fish recipes lately?Let me know your favourites

Much Love

May 17, 2015


foodies festivalcaptain morgansmojito cocktailhot dogbus barpaellaflatbreadswarner edwards ginchurros chocolatevita cocolabrado french bulldogcaptain morgans shippasta
favarger chocolatesalami We hopped in the car with some friends yesterday morning and headed over to Cannon Hill Park in Birmingham for the Foodies Festival,you've probably gathered by now that my boyfriend and I are massive foodies and attend pretty much every local event going so this one wasn't to be missed.

The sun was out and the drinks started flowing as we meandered our way around the show,everything smelt beautiful and the produce people were selling was divine,a favourite of mine being the Captain Morgan's Mojito ship who were serving up rum cocktails throughout the day(I may have left slightly tipsy).We tried various delights and departed the show with full and satisfied bellies.

I will definitely be attending next year,check your nearest event HERE

Much Love

May 09, 2015



I praise whoever is up there,these boots are exactly what i've been looking for,I've wanted some tan ankle boots for as long as I can remember and these babies tick all the boxes,not too pointy,not too high,interesting detail,and light as a feather,okay so they aren't real suede but no one is going to be feeling my feet when i've got them on (I hope not anyway).

They haven't stood the test of a day at work yet but lets face it,everything hurts when you're on your feet all day.I plan on wearing these with a similar coloured vest top and some Grey ripped skinny jeans,how would you style them?

Much Love

May 06, 2015


Last week I hopped on the train and made my way to London.
My brother and his girlfriend have been living there since September '14 so a visit was well overdue.
I took my camera with all good intentions of documenting my whole stay but as usual,the hustle and bustle of the big smoke got in the way and as expected I got carried away and forgot to take photos,however here is what I found on my camera,I even managed to get a cheeky "cock-shot" in the V&A (such a pervert).

We strolled around museums,went to Liberty which can't be avoided when in London,did some shopping,drank tea,ate far too much and had a chilled out few days,it was lovely to have a change of scenery and I have always loved visiting London,well.... apart from the underground and the pure rudeness of some people but that aside it was a great few days and I can't wait to go back.

Have you been anywhere worth visiting lately?

Much Love