July 19, 2016


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You may notice I have a slight obsession for everything green at the moment,I feel like it's a very underrated colour and in my opinion as far as homeware goes there is a certain lack of it in the shops.

It has been my goal in life to be able to afford a Chesterfield sofa,they are the marmite of sofas you either love them or hate them but personally I think they are beautiful,so well crafted,so lovingly made and a sure statement piece in your home. I recently stumbled upon a site called The Original Sofa Co. ,they sell stunning Chesterfield sofas and antique furniture,they stock signature collections and pre loved items,everything is crafted so beautifully with coil sprung seats,arms and backs along with hand dyed and hand tacked leather,these people have serious skills.
My jaw hit the floor when I saw this green beauty and would love to own it one day.(One can wish)

Have you spotted any green goodness on your travels? I'd love to kit out our home with more Green accents so please let me know if anything has caught your eye whilst out and about.

*This post is sponsored by The Original Sofa Co.


Thank you for all your lovely comments,They make my day :)