February 18, 2017


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This week has been a whirlwind of emotions, has anyone else been hit by a bout of the winter blues? Gimmie Spring already!!! However, my miserableness aside I thought I'd start a new series on my blog, a collection of my weekly finds and current loves compiled together, check them out below...

1 - Quite an exciting thing happened in my life this week? (Don't panic, i'm not up the duff) but I have a different kind of baby....That being my own business, I have officially launched my Luxury Dog shop called Bones, you can check it out here.

2 - My Youtube channel has undergone a revamp, some of you may not realise that I make videos, head over to my channel, I'd love it if you subscribed.

3 - I am currently lusting after this and these.

4 - I may be late on the bandwagon but i've just discovered Real Estate and cannot get enough of their music, especially this.

5 - I've added some new trainers to my wardrobe, if you saw a few posts back I couldn't decide which ones to go for, I ended up with these and couldn't be happier.

6 - If you need a new blogger/youtuber to follow, check out ThereSheGoes, i'm obsessed with her videos!!

7 - I've really fallen back in love with thrifting again, I'm trying to get more basics back into my wardrobe this month, see what I bought here

8 - The tastiest, quickest recipe you will try this week and it's carb free!!! 

I hope you have all had an awesome week, let me know what you've been doing, lets chat, I don't bite!!


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