Last week I took a trip to the seaside,it has become a bit of a family ritual where each year we all hop in the car and head to the beach for the day to soak up the rays and beautiful scenery.
We’ve been coming to this beach ever since my brother and I were little and my parents have been shown the beauty by their parents and so on. I have so many memories from this beach/town and thats why I call it my ‘happy place’ Never have I had a bad day here and still to this day I get super excited about going,even if its raining!!!
Luckily this time it was piping hot,and there was hardly anyone on the beach which is always nice,nothing worse than screaming children running around throwing sand and splashing water on you!! Instead we just had a relaxing paddle through the waves and up the sand dunes.
IMG_5337IMG_5396IMG_5397IMG_5367(photobombed by my dad)

We then headed back into town and sat on the beachfront in a lovely old fashioned pub and had lunch while overlooking more stunning views.
Overall it was an awesome day out,wish we could of stayed longer but nonetheless everything was perfect.It goes to show you don’t have to fly miles to a beautiful beach or for boiling weather,I’m a huge fan of Britain’s coastline and our summer in general,I think if you pick your days correctly and the company you’re in,you are guaranteed a lovely day out without the jet lag or the realisation…”whoops,you can’t actually afford this holiday”
Much Love


  1. August 7, 2014 / 7:45 pm

    omg this looks like heaven ! next time – im coming. especially if I get to faceplant one of those ice creams !

  2. August 7, 2014 / 9:41 pm

    lovely pictures, people always underestimate the beauty of british beaches! xo

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