I was recently contact by the lovely people at ‘your tea‘ asking if I fancied trying out some of their detox tea.I’ve always been intrigued by detox teas but if I’m being completely honest I’ve always been put off by the price and the fact of ‘Do they actually work?’ 
Nevertheless I jumped at the opportunity to test some out and see if the reviews were true.
My detox lasted for 14 days (3 teabags a day).It claims to gently cleanse your digestive system and reduce bloating.
 I usually hate the taste of herbal tea but I was pleasantly surprised buy this one,it also smelt divine.
 I added half a teaspoon of organic honey to slightly sweeten it (and to feed my honey addiction). I was a bit concerned that it would have a laxative effect but luckily it didn’t …Everything was normal 😉
I have a photo of my stomach on my instagram after my 14 days were up HERE
I can honestly say the difference it made was incredible,NOTHING,EVER stops my belly from bloating but the effect that this tea had was brilliant.I also found that my skin looked a little brighter and more awake.
They do an array of different teas from ‘her tea’,’his tea’, ‘energy tea’ etc .I’m dying to try more.
Dare I say it but they would make great Christmas gifts for tea lovers.
I’m so pleased I tried this detox out and stuck to it,it has worked wonders and i’ll definitely be buying more,might even try the 28day detox.
Let me know if you’ve tried it and your results.
Much Love


  1. September 2, 2014 / 9:28 pm

    Sounds amazing, your tummy looked so flat! I suffer so bad with bloating, def would love to give it a go! xx

  2. September 3, 2014 / 5:46 am

    this sounds amazing! you look great, i'm actually going to buy it tonight i think.. fingers crossed it does good things for me too!

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