DSC00258I get asked on a regular basis how I care for my bleached hair and what my go to products are to keep my locks looking intact.I rarely switch up my shampoos and conditioners because I like to stick to what works but recently I have come across some amazing products which I cannot speak highly enough of.
I have been using this little duo for the last couple of weeks and i’ve noticed a miraculous difference in my hair colour.When I have it bleached and toned it starts to fade out within a few days to a dirty blonde colour but using these two beauties has kept that grey/white blonde effect that I crave for (the hardest colour ever to get to stay in my hair) The smell is divine and it detangles those elasticy knots that us ‘FAKE’ blonde girls suffer with,leaving hair super soft.
This Duo has been in my collection about a week longer than the Paul Mitchell doublet and I find using them together,they are incredible.Again the smell is lovely and fresh,I usually wash my hair with the Joico Cleanser Then go straight in with the Paul Mitchell Colour Protect Shampoo,using both products insures my hair has had a deep clean and all the build up from products has been scrubbed away.I then use the conditioners from both collections and mix them in my hand,leave on for around 2 minutes and swill.
I would be bald again without this bad boy,its been an absolute saviour over the last 4-5 months.It fights against heat and conditions those tangly bits I was talking about like no other product I have ever tried(i’ve tried a lot) .I have one patch at the back of my hair which gets so knotty but when I use this I don’t notice it whatsoever.If you have bleached hair I recommend this product 110%.

I picked this up on a whim one day from savers for around £2,I needed a product that would banish frizz after straightening and it does exactly that.First off,It smells divine!! Secondly it leaves your hair feeling so soft and silky,and thirdly it keeps fly aways and frizz to an absolute minimum,I will repurchase the product again and again.Love it!!

What products do you bleached girls recommend?

Much Love

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