I am constantly swapping and changing my shampoos and conditioners.I don’t know if its because I get bored of the scents or that Im forever trying to find something better for my hair.
I was lucky enough to receive this “Colour Goddess” Bed Head package,now let me just say,I am very hard to please when it comes to hair care because so many claims and bullshit are thrown around and not everything works like it says it will but these two products blew me away.
The Smell? OH MY GOD!! if you have ever tried butterscotch Angel Delight it smells just like that,the scent lingers in my hair all day,its gorgeous (if you don’t like sweet scents you will hate this).
Whats in it? It’s infused with sweet almond oil,Vitamin E,Coconut Oil and Keratin.
The claim? It Refreshes and cleanses your hair, removes build up to optimise colour vibrancy,Smoothes and adds shine,makes your hair more resistant to breaking during brushing which means fewer broken ends which can make colour look dull and flat.
What it actually does? Quite frankly,all of the above,I have never been so impressed with a shampoo and conditioner,My hair feels amazing,I was using a Loreal Elvive colour shampoo before and my hair was in a disgusting state,these babies have rescued it, have bought out my platinum blonde colour even more and banished all yellow tones,massive bonus!!
You can pick up these life savers for a bargain price at Hairtrade
All you bleached haired girls need these in your life!
Much Love

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