I came home yesterday to a great big box sat on the doorstep,at first I was confused and didn’t have a clue what it was but I then clocked ‘Boutique flowers’ in huge letters and started to get increasingly more excited.
I have heard a lot about online flower shopping/apps recently and I think its such a great idea,I absolutely love having flowers in the house, they look lovely and make me so happy so i’m 100% behind the idea of ordering them online because lets face it,the supermarkets are generally full of half dead shit and not everyone has a local florist where they live.
It’s also a lovely gesture to send them to your loved ones,I know for a fact my mum would be ecstatic if these landed on her doorstep.
I’m extremely happy with the bunch I received,they include crisp white long stemmed roses,oriental lilies,lisianthus,bouvardia flowers mixed in with lime green shamrock chrysanthemum blooms.
They came beautifully packaged in clear and grey spotted cellophane,along with a plastic water tub to keep them from drying out on their journey,the box they arrived in was super sturdy so it puts your mind at rest that the flowers won’t be destroyed by those heavy handed postmen!!!
Mine are taking pride of place on the breakfast bar and looking beautiful (the rubber band looks hideous but i’m scared they will fall out of shape if I take it off)
If you are after flowers for a special occasion please take this company into consideration,i’m over the moon with them,you can find these flowers and many more HERE
Much Love

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