ray ban aviators,katelouiseblog,ripped jeans,street style,
ray ban aviators,katelouiseblog,ripped jeans,street style,ray ban aviators,katelouiseblog,ripped jeans,street style,ray ban aviators,katelouiseblog,ripped jeans,street style,ray ban aviators,katelouiseblog,ripped jeans,street style,black ripped jeans, ankle boots,western boots,katelouiseblog
This is one of the best outfits i’ve chucked on for a long time,I’ve become so bored of my clothes,I own around eight pairs of jeans and only wear one pair,I have millions of t-shirts and stick to the same threadbare one all the time and I own enough shoes to fit hundreds of feet yet I stick to the same smelly trainers day in day out,does this make me a slob or am I not alone in this?
Anyway,I took it upon myself to do the mundane task of sorting out my wardrobe,in doing so I stumbled across some right gems and this is one of the outfits that was born.I love this leather jacket from Shores it’s a perfect transitional piece which can be layered over a chunky knit for extra warmth,dressed up or dressed down,you can’t go wrong with leather! 
Shores hit me up and supplied me with this gorgeous leather beauty along with some questions about my blog:
Who is Kate-Louise?
Kate-Louise is a 25year old girl working in retail who adores fashion,cooking,blogging and youtubing.
How did you get into fashion/blogging?
I started my blog years ago but have never really been in to it properly until the last couple of years.I remember my first ever post was about a River Island knuckle duster ring (looking back now it was bloody awful) but I felt I needed to tell the world about my new purchase and thats how it all started.
Who would you say your style icons are?
I draw inspiration from everything,other bloggers,magazines,street style etc Pinterest plays a huge part in where my inspiration comes from though,I’m so addicted to it.If I had to choose a “celebrity icon” then I adore the likes of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards,Alexa Chung,Kate Moss,all the good Brits.A lot of inspiration comes from American Rock bands too like zztop,guns n roses,Kid rock,Van Halen etc,I love how men dress more than women.
Which brands are you into at the moment (fashion and non-fashion related)?
ASOS will always be a firm favourite of mine,they stock such a variety of brands which means I can do all my shopping in one place.For non-fashion related it would be IKEA and independent record shops,I have an awesome one where I live,i’m constantly mooching through their collection for new music.
What fashion trends do you expect to see over the next year?
I expect to see the same as last winter if I’m completely honest,i’m not a huge follower of trends,I predict Fur,grunge,ox blood red,gothic,they tend to circulate every year and as for next summer it will be Florals haha.
Do you wish more people knew about you and your style?
Of course,No one ever creates a blog to gain 20 followers its all about numbers these days which is very sad,I try to avoid this by just using my blog as a hobby and not a job,as soon as it becomes your job you get caught up in the numbers and end up comparing yourself to other bloggers with millions of followers.We all want more of a following but i’m happy with how it’s going for now and fully appreciate the people that read my blog.
What’s a typical day for you?
A typical day would be wake up,gorp at my phone for at least an hour,get up,get dressed and do make up,feed the dogs,have breakfast then head out to work.If it’s my day off I tend to spend more time in bed and do my blog posts for the week.Epic life I lead 😉
Where do you see yourself in a year’s time?
This is a question I always struggle to answer.I would like to be in a higher position in my job and have some exciting things happening with the blog.
Two/three year’s time?
One of my goals in life is to open my own shop,so I think by then this will be happening if all goes to plan over the next few years.Wish me luck!!
Much Love

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