Last year my parents bought an old cottage to renovate,I dwelled there for a good few months and then much to my surprise,out of the blue,Paul and I moved in together,a good hour away from home,to a place that I love but I miss my family every second of the day,maybe I’m just a big fanny or maybe lots of other people feel the same way when they move out,who knows? but if you do get that sicky feeling then I’ve got a few tips for dealing with it.
I phone home almost every other day,I probably annoy the hell out my parents but I feel that communication is key.I’m sure i’m not missing out on anything but I like to be kept in the loop about how they are,what they have been doing,how Bella is(The Family Dog).It’s the small things in life that matter and speaking to your family,in my eyes,is the best thing ever.If I feel alone they are just a phone call away and it helps a lot.
I’m not sure if this makes the “homesickness” worse,I never want to leave when i’m there,I often question should I even be living away from home if I feel like this? But then I remember i’m a 25 year old woman,i’ve got my own life now and I need to grow some serious bollocks and man the fuck up.I do find visiting as much as possible helps,I love spending time with them and chilling in the lovely,quiet countryside.
The thought of my own space and independence was why I moved out in the first place…(and obviously to start a life with Paul)I adore being independent,since moving out I started a new job,managed to buy my own car and have achieved many things which I couldn’t do living at home,i’m constantly reminding myself of these things and it helps so much in those hours of “arghhh I want to go home,curl up in a ball and spend hours in my old bed”.
Moving to a new area is great if you like exploring,even if its little things like checking out the nearby shops or new walks,i’m a very outdoorsy person and love finding new places to walk the dogs or parks to exercise in.Doing small things like this will take your mind off being back home and will make you appreciate your new surroundings.
Even the simplest of things like having a bath and a pamper session can massively change your mind set.If i’m having a shit day I always head for the bath,light some candles,exfoliate,whack on some fake tan,do my nails etc,doing things like this will instantly lift your mood and the thought of going home won’t even cross your mind.
I love to eat,as i’m sure everyone does and one of my favourite things about living with my parents was my mums cooking,every night we would have something delicious,made from scratch and super homely.I miss eating at home big time and i’ve found a way of dealing with this is making some of the meals that mum used to make; e.g. Shepards Pie,Macaroni Cheese,Sausage and Mash etc.
I owe my cooking skills to my mother,she has taught me from day one and i’m so glad I can cook a meal from scratch and its all because of her 🙂
I have been super lucky in the friend zone.When I started my new job the girls I worked with were so lovely,it can always be a bit scary as an outsider moving into a town where everyone has always lived but they made me feel so welcome and they have become some of my closest friends.I have also gained some of Pauls friends and I love them to bits.It’s very important to have people around that you can have a laugh with and call on if you need a chat,i’m extremely grateful for the new people in my life.
Leave the bloody house,its no good moping around waiting for something to happen or waiting for a phone call from home.Isolating yourself will only make things worse so get off your arse and do something productive.Join a club,go shopping,go for a run,anything,you will feel tonnes better for it.Thank me later.
I hope some of these tips helped someone out there,it’s a horrible feeling but I find sticking to these few pointers really helps.If you have any another tips or tricks please leave them below for us all to read.


  1. January 16, 2016 / 10:21 pm

    This was lovely to read. I totally get this – similar situation happened with myself and my boyfriend. His friend bought a house to rent out and offered it to us before putting it on the market and we jumped at the chance – despite not actively looking to move in together at the time. It was all very sudden so it took a while to realise that I wasn't at home anymore…

    But now we absolutely LOVE having our own house and it just makes spending time back with our families even more special!

  2. February 5, 2016 / 12:03 pm

    I definitely agree, this is a lovely read. I'm currently working for my dads company and have to commute 2 hours but it's going to get to a point where I'm eventually going to have to move up there. Obviously I'll be living near my dad and my other half would be coming with me but not being near his parents or my mum and siblings will be shitty. This was a positive post to read, not many people write about important stuff like this.

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