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I recently got my hands on this gorgeous Gemma bag,I’ve had Marc.B bags in the past and they have been amazing,the quality is top notch and they make for very sturdy,long lasting arm candy.
I’m constantly on the go as of late and I have started to realise you don’t need to be carrying ten tonne of crap to survive the day so as soon as this bag landed on my door step I emptied out my old handbag and filled this little beauty with my go to, everyday essentials.
-SUNGLASSES: Okay so we haven’t had that much sun recently but it is starting to rear it’s head from the clouds as we jump into spring…it’s just an excuse to wear my favourite sunnies everywhere I go.
-PURSE: This is a no brainer,you never know when you might need lots of unnecessary make-up or your ID for that cheeky bottle of Gin after work(Yep I still get ID’d at the age of 25)boo hoo.
-CAMERA: I will admit I don’t use my camera every second of the day but its super handy to carry around incase you stumble upon that must have photo opportunity.
-PHONE: Again a no brainer,god knows how many times a day I check Instagram,Twitter etc but I know its an unhealthy amount.I am indeed a guilty phone checker while at work too,whoops.
-MAKE UP: For those pesky touch ups throughout the day,or arriving somewhere and realising that the make up you applied at the crack of dawn has now melted off your face and your left looking like The Elephant Man.
That’s what’s in my everyday bag,what’s in yours?
If you would like to see inside my everyday make up bag,let me know.

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