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I’m going to be honest with you guys, I’m not entirely sure what this post is going to be about, I raided my Vinyl collection this morning in just of finding something relaxing to listen to and thought they, along with my breakfast looked pretty laid out on the ever so blogger grey and pink bedsheets.
I’ve been going through a major blogging funk recently and just haven’t known what to write about, i’m lacking inspiration massively and it’s doing my head in. With that being said if you are a reader of mine you will have noticed i’ve been a bit MIA recently and that is why. I don’t want to bore you guys with forced posts or something that everyone else is producing, I started my blog in hope of bringing something new to the table and I feel like i’ve slid into a slippery slope of doing what every other fucker is doing and I never wanted it to be like that, it’s nice getting paid for stuff or getting sent free things but my god it’s boring to see every Tom, Dick and Harry doing the same shit don’t you think?
I want a clean slate and I want to strip my blog back to basics, I want to produce something interesting and something that you guys are excited to look at and read, yes I will still be doing outfit posts etc because who doesn’t love a good snoop at what someone has been wearing? but the forced content about my favourite beauty products (because lets be real who actually gives a shit?) or wanky clickbait titles are coming to an end, personally I’m sick of seeing it and it no longer interests me.
I’m 27 this year and I want my blog to grow older with me and get better with age which is why i’m changing things up, I hope you don’t mind and I hope you look forward to the things to come.
Cross your fingers for me that I get my mojo back asap!
Love you all and thanks for sticking with me 

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