december goals, christmas, christmas candles, christmas inspiration, christmas pyjamas, katelouiseblog,lifestyle, the white company, how to relax over christmas,
december goals, christmas, christmas candles, christmas inspiration, christmas pyjamas, katelouiseblog,lifestyle, the white company, how to relax over christmas,
I know, it’s already the 7th December and I should of probably started my goals at the end of last month but hey, it’s not Christmas unless you’re totally unorganised and if you’re anything like me you still haven’t started shopping, yet alone planning food etc. I thought if I popped on the blog and wrote down everything I needed to achieve this month (rather than on a piece of scrap paper which would probably get binned in a mid month rage) then I would be more inclined to stick to what needs to be done(!) Whatcha think? Let’s have a go….

1. Get Christmas content out on the blog! Every year I look back at my blog over the festive period and I literally have nothing to show, i’m not sure wether it’s because I work full time and have no time to shoot or it’s because every other blogger is churning it out and it can get a bit much? Who knows, however i’m going to stop looking at what everyone else is doing and bring you lots of food, lifestyle and festivities…..but mainly food, that sound okay? Let me know if you want to see anything in particular.

2. Spruce the home up! By this I mean make it look as Christmassy as possible, this could be our last Christmas in this house so I want to make it look as pretty as possible, i’ve been sorting through the cupboards that never get touched, throwing out rubbish, donating to charity and just generally having a massive clear out, in an attempt to make room for everything festive. Oooo and i’m addicted to cleaning videos, call me sad or old but i’m bloody hooked and my cleaning love is at an all time high, my goal is to keep on top of this throughout December.

3. Exercise more…. probably not going to happen over Christmas lets be honest, however….I have massively fallen off the fitness and healthy eating wagon since the weather has got colder, there’s just something about winter that makes me want to eat everything, bar salad! why is this? I aim to walk for an hour each day (having dogs should make this easy) and getting back into my fitness videos, I CAN do it!

4. Get back into Youtube, again this is something i’ve totally fallen off the wagon with, I always feel guilty for not uploading to my channel as much as I used to but working flat out makes this super hard(!) I’m not going to let it ruin what I love doing though so stay tuned to my channel to see some new content coming your way in the next few months, if you’re not already subscribed then please head over and click that button to stay updated.

5. Host a Christmas movie night. I’ve always wanted to create an at home cinema experience over Christmas by making the lounge all cosy with throws, candles, all the party food, fairy lights…you get the gist, along with all my favourite Christmas films, I still haven’t managed to sit down and watch one yet so this weekend we will be having a movie marathon starting with The Grinch! What’s your favourite festive film?

What are your goals for December?

K x

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  1. December 7, 2017 / 9:58 pm

    Ooh a Christmas movie night is definitely a must! I'd love to exercise more, but like you said, it's never going to happen over the Christmas season, haha! Lovely post. x

    Lizzie |

    • December 8, 2017 / 8:59 pm

      Thanks Lizzie, haha i'm glad i'm not alone with the exercise, it can be another New Years resolution 😉 x

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