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I’ve had my little blog for around 5-6 years, I’m not going to lie, my content used to be rubbish, I used to take photos on a Kodak camera with about 6MP and used the webcam on my old Dell computer to make my youtube videos. Lets just say technology has come a long way since then and I am lucky enough to have been able to build a more up to date kit. I get asked quite a lot what I use to photograph/film and what I would recommend to start a blog so I’ve compiled all my essentials together in one post and hopefully it helps anyone either starting out or wanting to upgrade.

iMac Desktop & MacBook Pro

I will start by saying I do have two computers, my parents bought me my iMac desktop computer for my 21st birthday and I am, still to this day (7 years later) eternally grateful, by no means do you need two computers, you don’t even need to have an apple computer but this is just what I’m used to. I use my iMac mostly for editing videos and photographs along with word documents, invoice making, book keeping all that technical stuff. I also recently purchased a MacBook Pro, mainly so I can blog on the move, I love being able to take it to the coffee shop, my parents house or use it when travelling, it’s also extremely lightweight so great to just pop in your handbag and go.

Canon 80d

So this is my main camera, my baby, my go-to and secret love affair. It’s no secret that I love taking photographs and rely on this beaut for pretty much everything! I take all my blog photos on this and shoot most of my videos on it too. I use a 40mm pancake lens for all my photos, it’s particularly good for food/product photography. I am in the market for a new lens though so will be adding to my collection very soon. The quality of this camera is awesome and does everything I need it to and more, I’m forever learning new things about it and love expanding my knowledge in photography, if you are looking to upgrade your camera certainly think about giving the Canon 80d a try.

Sony A5000

This camera is brilliant, I used it for all my blog photos and videos previous to getting the Canon, the quality is so good, the flip up screen is a god send (especially if you’re a video creator) and it’s the perfect size to pop in your handbag. You can also change the lens on it too which is super useful if you don’t want to invest in a big SLR and prefer a point and shoot. If you are new to blogging or just photography in general then the Sony A5000 is the perfect beginners camera.

iPhone 7s

Can’t forgot the iPhone can we? I don’t need to explain what I do on this do I? Emails, instagram, twitter, facebook, youtube, you know the drill, I couldn’t live without the bloody thing!!


Now I’m sure you have noticed some changes to my blog, I have recently switched from Blogger to WordPress with the help of the wonderful team at Blogger2WP. They made the transition extremely smooth and easy, answered any questions I had and generally just made my blog look 100 times more profesh! They were super friendly and helpful throughout the whole process and it took no time at all. If you are looking to ditch blogger and move your blog to WordPress then I couldn’t recommend these guys enough.


What can I say… I love a good notebook! they are piled high in my office and I’m forever buying new ones. They are a must if you are planning content, journaling or just trying to organise your life. I found these beautiful pastel ones from Wilko’s, so cheap and some even have dotted pages like a bullet journal but for a fraction of the price.

I hope this has helped anyone starting out in the blogging industry, wanting to upgrade any of your tech stuff or was just curious about the kit I use, and remember, there is a space for everyone so if you’re contemplating wether to start a blog or not then just go for it!!

K x

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