Christmas wreath making diy interiors handmade Christmas simple wreath making

How on earth did it get so close to Christmas? 12 days to go if I’m correct? I feel like December has flown by faster than any other month in 2018 and lets just say I’m a little bit behind on everything! Shopping, decorating, food prep, you name it, I’m panicking about it. I’m also contending with the most awful habit of comparing my home decor to those amazing (unrealistic) homes on Pinterest and making myself feel inadequate by scrolling and pinning the most beautiful Christmas interior ideas so this doesn’t help my quest to Christmas perfection, however, I took some time out this week to chill out and tick some things off my to-do list, one of them was “make a wreath”. I’ve had this idea in my mind for a while now, I wanted a willow wreath, covered in green goodness and all sorts of foliage from the garden, so I rounded my mum up to go foraging and this little beauty was born. This isn’t going to be a tutorial or a “How To” as such, (You can view my video of how to make this wreath HERE)  just a basic step by step of what I did, I’m no florist but it is pretty simple to do providing you have fingers of steel and a lot of patience.

Christmas wreath making diy interiors handmade Christmas simple wreath making
  1. Gather your foliage. This can be anything you want, you don’t have to make it the same as mine, you can use all types of greenery or even introduce colour and more textures but if you want to know what I used then I’ve listed it here >> Fir Tree (A few different types) Pine cones, Camelia Leaves, Bay Leaves, Ivy and Eucalyptus. You don’t need to spend an arm and a leg at a florist buying these materials, head to your nearest wood/forest and pick up some bits and bobs there instead. I used copper wire to secure the foliage and this beautiful Gisela Graham willow wreath I bought from my local farm shop.
  2. Start at the bottom of the wreath, using the longest bit’s of Fir, create an arch, start building on this until it is full, bushy and you have a semi circle, making sure it is even on both sides. 
  3. Wrap Ivy around the entire wreath, I left the top half of my wreath quite minimal but again, do whatever suits your taste. All the way through I am using copper wire to tie thicker stems on to the wreath. The great thing about these willow wreaths is you can poke stuff in and not necessarily secure everything with wire, just the thick bits.
  4. Add items of interest, like bay leaves, camellia leaves, these ones I’ve used are on small branches, so easy to tie on. If the bottom is still looking quite sparse go back in and add more texture, I opted for Eucalyptus because I love the blue tone of it against the green.
  5. Once you are happy with your greenery and the shape it has formed, it’s time to start finishing it off with you chosen items. I used Pine cones but you can use anything, from baubles to wooden decorations, fairy lights or bows, the possibilities are endless. 
Christmas wreath making diy interiors handmade Christmas simple wreath making

I hope you have as much fun as I did getting creative and trying something different. I’d love to see your creations this year, make sure you tag me on instagram @Katelouiseblog and use the hashtag #katelouisechristmas 

Christmas wreath making diy interiors handmade Christmas simple wreath making

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