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Not even sure anyone noticed I’d taken a little break from the old blogging lark? But hey….I’m back! So, in short, this is what happened…..I was feeling a bit meh with my content, I had a manic moment (and was having a bloody awful day) where I took it upon myself to (fucking stupidly) delete my blog…years of hard work, hours upon hours sat at my desk creating my little online bubble and as soon as I hit the delete button I knew it was the biggest mistake ever! I cried my eyes out (yes I’m a child).

I had backed everything up but when I came to import everything and start again every single one of my photos had disappeared, as you can imagine, this broke my heart. So to cut a long story short, fast forward a couple of months, Kate-Louise is finally back up and running. The amazing people at Siteground helped me recover everything (not an ad haha) and I’m back on track….and yep, had another cry today when everything came back to me just as I left it and did a little/massive happy dance of course!! I’m over the moon to be back and can’t wait to bring you guys loads of new content, let me know what you’d like to see from me on here and thank you all so much for sticking with me while the site has been down, it means the world!

K x

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