I’m Kate, a Blogger and Youtuber living in a small town in Worcestershire with my Fiancé Paul and my two dog children, Betty & Burt. I am a freelance blogger/photographer/content creator here on my online space kate-louise.co.uk . I spend most of my days juggling life keeping on top of my blog and Youtube channel, both of which are my absolute passion. It’s something that I work on daily and I thrive on documenting my interests and sharing my recipes, fashion and lifestyle posts for anyone who wants to stop by and have a read.   On kate-louise.co.uk you can find a huge range of posts from Cooking, which is my biggest interest along with fashion, lifestyle and travel posts. I have this space on the internet to share with you elements from my life including all of the above and I hope you find something you can relate to or even be inspired by.   I enjoy creating regular video content on my YouTube channel. I LOVE the aspect of interacting with everyone in video form as it feels slightly more personal. On my channel there is a mixture of fashion, food, lifestyle and travel content, so if you enjoy what you see here on my blog please do take a look and my channel and subscribe to see more.     If you have any questions, please tweet me, comment on my blog or shoot me an email, i’m all ears….I literally am, they are MASSIVE!!

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Feel free to drop me an email at katelouise45@hotmail.co.uk if you have any questions or would like to collaborate. In the meantime please feel free to check out my social media platforms.INSTAGRAM,TWITTER,YOUTUBE,COOKING CHANNEL,PINTEREST

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